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Grow more than just business & careers, by earning real trees for every person, every project, every month.

Recruitment has changed

Employers are looking beyond job boards.

Having an InsideSAP Careers profile means businesses can search for your skills, availability, location, target rate ranges and work preferences … all live online.

See all your applications work through the process in real time, get updates every step of the way and enjoy visibility on every career prospect.

Career Control


Choose when you’re available.

Block out busy times, set available times. Help employers plan ahead to line up contracts more strategically than ever.


SAP specific.

Choose your SAP specialities, modules, sub-modules, qualifications and experiences for the right matches.


Set your preferences.

Make it yours with target industries, project types, if you want to travel (or not), be contracted or employed, want to deliver or lead.

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  • Open to Either 25% 25%

Questions & Answers

I'm a SAP Consultant - looking for new contract & career opportunities

Register a profile so companies can find you, take bookings through InsideSAP Careers, you deliver the work on the front end, we’ll take care of the back end…then we’ll plant trees for you, and your project, every single month.

That’s the bones of it.

We’ve answered some general questions for you below. If your query still isn’t there, drop us a line and we’ll help you out: careers@insidesap.com.au

What do I need to register?

1. SAP Skills / SAP Certification

InsideSAP Careers is the dedicated marketplace for independent SAP specialists…so naturally, you need great SAP skills! Our clients come here for professionals, so achieving and uploading your SAP Certification demonstrates your aptitude as the industry benchmark of attained knowledge. It’s OK if you’re early in your career and still working on it: just be sure to represent your level of skills and price your experience authentically, to help find the right next-step for you.


2. Your current home base in Australia or New Zealand

InsideSAP Careers is Australia/New Zealand focussed. We’re launching in other countries really soon and will have a neat way for global specialists to register interest in overseas opportunities. Stay tuned on this, but for now you must already be based here and not need work visa sponsorship.

3. An ABN/NZBN helps.

As an independent SAP specialist, consider yourself your own mini-consultancy where you are Chief of Delivery. You’re not an employee of someone else’s business: you’re providing your skills and expertise as the product and service of your own business, so you’ll need:

  • An Australian Business Number (ABN) or New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) to comply with local legislation. Speak to your accountant about your personal tax and financial position.
  • $20million coverage in Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance (or you can compare the benefits of using ours).
  • A business bank account associated with your business name and ABN

OR…. If you don’t have an ABN, $20mil of insurance or a business bank account: you can still use InsideSAP Careers. Our back office will set you up on a PAYG engagement and look after your super, tax, insurances, etc for you.

What Does It Cost?


InsideSAP Careers is completely free for consultants to join our SAP talent community.

There are no subscriptions or hidden expenses: our costs are completely covered by a service fee built into our client rates which also covers your full daily rate, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, state payroll tax, contractor admin and management, including the billing and invoicing of clients and remittance of funds to your accounts.

You get your own dashboard, use of our scheduling and direct booking tools, ability to accept engagements and contract through the platform, with easy online time-sheeting – hassle free.

How is InsideSAP Careers different to mainstream job advertising websites?

InsideSAP Careers is a live, direct-booking platform: employers find and engage you online, in real-time.

We smart-match people’s SAP skills with employer’s SAP requirements. You have the power to accept client bookings online and manage your own work scheduling; backed by our 100% compliant cloud-based platform for all your contracting, insurance and payroll obligations.

Employers enjoy uncapped posting of projects and being able to search directly for your real-time availability, makes this live-data platform faster and more effective than the generic pay-per-ad-&-wait job board and recruitment sites.

How is InsideSAP Careers different to social media networking websites?

We are not Facebook or LinkedIn. InsideSAP Careers is to enable direct engagement in real-time. There’s no click-bait, no faux inspirational made-up stories, no cats, maths problems or other newsfeed junk hindering your access to authentic opportunities. We don’t sell your data: to anyone, anywhere.

InsideSAP Careers helps protects your privacy: you can only see projects, not see other people. No other random people can see or stalk your profile… only registered employers. This affords you much greater security and confidentiality when you are looking for your next project.

I already have established contacts and clients

Great! Bring them with you and you’ll all earn trees every single month!

InsideSAP Careers is your hub for managing client engagements:

  • Centrally update employers in the one place, as they can see your live availability anytime they choose – even if you’re offline.
  • Centralised timesheet, invoice, billing platform to save you from admin
  • Government accredited labour hire provider to expand your prospects
  • Payroll tax, OH&S, PAYG/ABN compliant to reduce your risk

Do your timesheets, get paid and get on with your project.

Where do my trees get planted?

We partner with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (in Australia) and Trees for Survival (in NZ). Trees are planted all over the country, in nature reserves on crown land – so they are fully protected from further risks of deforestation.

Each state has a local agency that identifies and manages habitat regeneration projects. Your trees get planted in groups, so each project goes further than if it were just one tree alone.

You can also enjoy the opportunity to come on a Planting Day yourself – connect to InsideSAP Careers on LinkedIn to see when these are coming up.

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