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Digital Talent Pool

Improve your talent quality, industry reach and market coverage.

Join the fastest growing, SAP-dedicated, real-time talent marketplace for local candidates actively registered for local opportunities:

  • Australia / NZ based 98% 98%
  • SAP Certified 92% 92%
  • Open to new role this year 85% 85%

SAP Talent Finding

 As generic job boards became more difficult to find specialist talent and our readers struggled to find the right role: we looked at our network in a new light.

The InsideSAP community is actually the industry’s specialist SAP talent pool.

Comprised of over +10,000 local SAP specialists, our readers already come here for SAP-specific news and information.

Now, we’re enabling recruitment agencies pure access to this emergent talent channel.

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Flat, monthly membership.

Choose your level and create your sericve provider profile. Launch unlimited opportunities, contract or permanent, with no expiry dates.


On platform & media.

Smart-match to talent instantly AND have roles promoted across the InsideSAP readership, social networks and e-newsletters.


Engage candidates.

Contract or place SAP resources with your own clients, under your own existing arrangements, relationships,  T&Cs & CMO backoffices.

Costs & Benefits

Monthly spend is a set, flat, transparent subsciption – per agency or consultancy, based on profile.

Save money by avoiding pay-per-license and avoid pay-per-ad packages, with our unlimited cap on postings, hires and readership distribution:

Questions & Answers

I'm a Recruitment Agency - looking for talent for my clients

Choose your agency size, register a recruitment agency profile, launch a bunch of roles.

You’ll be able to browse people who have chosen matching preferences and your roles will go into our weekly newsletter reaching 1000’s of SAP specialists.

We’ve answered some general questions for you below. If your query still isn’t there, drop us a line and we’ll help you out:

I'm a SAP Consultancy - hiring for my practice & projects

Literally, it’s like having your own internal SAP recruiter ondemand. 

But cheaper, more agile and with better tools.

You’ll be allocated a human SAP recruiter to support and resource your every role.

Leverage our growing talent platform, existing networks, contacts, resource channels and in-built candidate care; launch unlimited roles (or have your recruiter do it for you), curate your shortlists (or have your recruiter do that for you), enjoy uncapped hires of contractors and permanents. Without the traditional recruitment pain.

The next generation, “Secret Source” of SAP Talent finding and enablement. 

Do you bill my clients?

No, “Pure Access” is for recruitment agencies who just want to leverage our network to improve their talent channels.

Your clients are your own, to bill under your own existing relationships.

Who's on the platform?
Over 600+ local, SAP Certified, contract and project-ready consultants have opted in and registered to be found for work this way.

This is growing by the week and covers all functional modules and technical solutions of SAP, as well as Project Managers, BAs, Testers, Trainers and Operations Managers.

How is this different to a job board?

The digital shift to enabling technologies had started well before covid sped it up. There are enough job boards – and we’ve all seen their diminishing returns in terms of quality, suitability and functionality.

So instead, we’re offering:

– Unlimited role postings that don’t expire
– Role smart-matched to suitable candidates
– No pay-&-pray or pay-per-add expenses
– Auto updates to candidates every step of the way
– Community, rather than classifieds

InsideSAP Careers is a live talent pool supporting your talent service.

How is InsideSAP Careers different to social media networking websites?

We are not Facebook or LinkedIn. InsideSAP Careers is to enable SAP-specific opportunity to SAP-specific candidates.

There’s no click-bait, no faux inspirational made-up stories, no cats, maths problems or other newsfeed junk hindering reader engagement with the high quality SAP industry content we share. 


Can I call people I recognise?

Yes. InsideSAP Careers profiles include contact details, LinkedIn pages and CV’s if the candidate has chosen to upload them.


Where do my trees get planted?

We partner with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (in Australia) and Trees for Survival (in NZ). Trees are planted all over the country, in nature reserves on crown land – so they are fully protected from further risks of deforestation.

Each state has a local agency that identifies and manages habitat regeneration projects. Your trees get planted in groups, so each project goes further than if it were just one tree alone.

You can also enjoy the opportunity to come on a Planting Day yourself – connect to InsideSAP Careers on LinkedIn to see when these are coming up.

When will I get applicants?

Sometimes instantly.

You can view matching consultants as soon as you launch a role.

The role then joins our market updates and industry e-newsletters, enjoying the same promotion that paid and sponsored articles receive. 

Talent is referred to your listing, helping to funnel suitable candidates your way.

SAP Consultancy or Recruitment Agency?

Get "Pure Access" to InsideSAP's talent network



– Flat monthly subscription

– Unlimited postings

– Reach 1000’s of InsideSAP readers